Il Gazzettino

Restyling of a newspaper <br> Graduation project

Il Gazzettino

Restyling of a newspaper
Graduation project
@ IUAV University of Venice

My graduation project is structured in three parts: the printed newspaper, the website and the smartphone app, organised together to refresh and digitalise news, offering a new way to create and spread information. Gazzettino’s strong point is to offer, for the digital part, a user-tailored newsfeed based on the reader’s interests, age and location.

Time is the key element that guided the restyling to create a more visual newspaper with news that jumps out at the reader who can quickly understand the main topics without having to read in-depth.

The first page has been redesigned in order to put both headlines (local and international) in the top half of the front page, so they are visible when it is folded too (typical way of selling newspapers at the kiosk).

Scroll the gallery to see the comparison

On the app, it is possible to scan the barcode on the newspaper and get more multimedia content, such as videos, photos and in-depth articles.

The new offers a personalised homepage for every user who has the option to customise it according to their interests and preferences. Through the control panel, available to every registered user, it is possible to drag and drop several modular boxes to create the homepage.